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Epson released BT-300 smart glasses more thin but still expensive

2016-12-20 23:39:02
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Led by Google glasses, although the integration of intelligent optical products, many advanced technology, but because of wearing weird, expensive, and no rise in the field of consumer electronics. However, in order to enhance the reality-based smart glasses are still in development, the recent Epson MWC 2016 will be in the World Mobile Communications Conference released the new product BT-300.

Epson released BT-300 smart glasses are more lightweight but still expensive

Earlier, Epson BT-200 in the commercial field has a certain market, but its design there are some deficiencies, such as heavy frame and flashing LCD screen. Therefore, the Epson in the BT-300 on a new technology - OLED lens. As the OLED has a self-luminous, color reproduction more accurate features, making the content can be more realistic mapping to the user's eyes, enhance the user experience. In addition, BT-300 also equipped with Intel's quad-core Atom X5 processor, 5 million pixel camera, the weight of glasses compared to the previous also reduced by 20%.

Epson BT-300 running Android 5.1 system can be used to play video, run the application, the glasses themselves can track the user's head movements, while with the wired touch pad can be controlled. In addition, the glasses built-in camera can scan two-dimensional code and other content, or by enhancing the practical application to achieve the information tag.

Epson BT-300 will be listed later this year, is expected to price and predecessor rather, at least 700 US dollars (about RMB 4,564 yuan). Taking into account the general user acceptance of smart glasses is not high, is still expected for the enterprise market niche products.

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