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BlackBerry Priv to get started is even thinner than Samsung Note 5

2016-12-20 23:41:09
Source:Shenzhen shunSheng electronics co., LTD    Author:Admin    Visit:448
In the aftermath of the exposure, and now the foreign forums Reddit users drying out of the BlackBerry Priv to get started, the appearance of the spy photos and appeared exactly the same. Surprisingly, the machine is said to be thinner than the Samsung Note 5, which is only 7.6mm thick.

The appearance and configuration of BlackBerry Priv has been said many times, but it is necessary to repeat it. The machine uses a slider design and Sharp screen, the screen application similar to the Samsung S6 edge of the arc design, and the slider below the physical keyboard, when the screen slide up, did not break the phone weight balance, so the following Physical keyboard input will be very comfortable, and when the slider is closed, the user can also through the on-screen keyboard for fast input.

BlackBerry Priv will be equipped with Xiaolong 808 processor, with 5.4-inch screen, the resolution may be 2K level, rear 18 million pixel camera. It is understood that it may also provide Google Play service, but it is not clear how it is combined with the BlackBerry customization services.

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