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ZUI upgrade Android 6.0 time exposure to the extreme pursuit

2016-12-20 23:42:25
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With the official release of Android 6.0, users are beginning to care about when their models can be upgraded. In response to this problem, the new manufacturers ZUK co-founder Chen Yu, said by personal micro-Bo, ZUK Android 6.0 in the comprehensive start of the adaptation work, and is expected to begin to push the end of the user.

In fact, as early as ZUK before the conference, ZUK CEO Cheng Cheng has promised Road, the future ZUK Z1 system upgrade will follow the Android version. As a cutting-edge mobile phone market, ZUK once again let us see its pursuit of the ultimate perseverance.

ZUK Z1 is ZUK's first flagship smart models, just two months on the line, the cumulative 2275671 people have reservations. ZUK Z1 equipped with Xiaolong 801 processor, with 5.5-inch 1080P Full HD screen, built-in 4100mAh high-capacity battery, and flagship for the "heavy user" design. ZUK Z1 built-in Android 5.1 new design based on the ZUI user interface, around the fingerprint home button for a variety of interactive, bringing a more cool interactive experience.

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