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Thank you for being late: Chinese companies can learn anything with Qualcomm

2016-12-20 23:45:26
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The link between Friedman's new book theme and Qualcomm is due to the fact that Qualcomm, a chip company, is mentioned in the book, referring to a big coffee, Alvin Jacob, who has affected our lives.
China's TMT enterprises are globalization, especially from Huawei to millet and other Chinese smart phone groups, China strongly advocated in the context of intellectual property, public innovation, Qualcomm such a technology-based enterprise success and lessons we should learn from .
Founder and target
The founder should be a technical talent or management talent is a controversial topic.
Friedman argues that Alvin Jacobs and his creation of Qualcomm are as important as Bill Gates and Zuckerberg in the "gods" of the Internet age.
In talking about Qualcomm's entrepreneurial history, Alvin first thought that his life's greatest ideal is to "let everyone on Earth have their own phone number."
At the start of Qualcomm, the world is beginning to develop the first generation of communication technology.
It is Alvin's insistence that CDMA communications become one of the world's leading communications technologies.
Patents and business models
Now, from Ali to the music, many Chinese TMT companies are talking about ecosystems, but the real ecosystem can not be based on the illusory platform, only the patent is the basis of all models, is the development of the moat.
"Intellectual Property Tutor" is that employees not only have their own patents, but also to help colleagues obtain a patent.

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