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Hong Kong does not accept Chinese technology companies

2016-12-20 23:47:06
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Midea co-founder, chairman Cai Wensheng
According to foreign media reports, this year, Hong Kong, China to become the world's largest IPO (initial public offering) market, but according to Mito listed on the HKEx's performance, it is still not technology companies The best stage.
Midea listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Thursday, is regarded as the HKEx and the American Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange for the Chinese entrepreneurial ability of a final exam.
Midea raised $ 629 million, valued at $ 4.6 billion - below Mito's and its underwriters' originally estimated $ 5 billion.
Mito share price movements
Although Mito co-founder Cai Wensheng on Thursday at the listing ceremony, said he was satisfied with the company IPO, but in the day trading Mito share price fell below the issue price has forced underwriter Morgan Stanley shot to buy more Multiple stocks.
Bankers said the ant gold suit is the most anticipated next year may IPO companies, may be 100 billion US dollars valuation of financing 25 billion US dollars.
Next year there are a number of technology-related Chinese companies plan to go to the US IPO, including an ant Jinfu investment network lending companies and logistics companies BES Logistics Technology.
Although has been ranked the world's largest IPO market, listed in Hong Kong is mainly large state-owned enterprises, technology companies are not many.
Technology companies accounted for only 10% of the market value of Hong Kong, and contributed almost from a company: Tencent.
Tencent is one of China's three major Internet giants, with top news and online gaming platform, the market value of $ 223 billion.

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